This is a true story about an over-weight 12 year old boy.

I came home from work one day. Like usual I was getting a snack and then going to go pick up my son from school. When I arrived home, I was surprised to see my son sitting on the couch watching tv. I asked what he was already doing home? He replied, “I got suspended today” as his eyes started to fill with tears. I said, “for what?” He replied quietly “for fighten’.”

(now my son is somewhat of a geek. In a good way of course. He knows more about computers and gadgets then making friends and social events. He is also over-weight).

“You got in a fight?!?” I asked surprised. (and out of sheer curiosity) I asked… “did ya win?” His eyes filled with tears and he looked down at the floor and softly said “no.” I felt so bad for him, and I had so much anger towards this unknown person who could have made him feel so badly. He continued to fill in the blanks of the story. He mentioned that some older kids from school tease him a lot. And one kid in particular started calling him “fatty”, “tubby”, “porky”, and so on. So I said, “Did ya punch him?” My son, still looking at the floor said “no, I never even touched him, ever.” I asked, “then why were you suspended?” He slowly looked me in the eyes and said, “because of what I said to him.” I was practically on the edge of my seat wondering what the hell could he have said that would’ve gotten him suspended. So I insistently said, “well? What did you say?” He smiled and asked “promise I won’t get in trouble for telling you? I already told mom when she picked me up from school and she said I shouldn’t use that kind of language and she would deal with me when she got home.” I quickly said “well, if your mom already is going to deal with you, then I won’t have to… so what’cha say?” He again smiled and held his head high and sat up straight “I asked him if he wanted to know why I was so fat? I told him that every time I fucked his mamma, she made me a sandwich.”

I could feel the pride of a father. The sense of victory without even haven been there. I wanted to hold him high. (he is way to big for that, I would thow out my back) anyway, I asked him if he had said it loud enough for the other kids to hear? He said “yea, that’s when the kid started hitting me.” I knelt down beside him and smiled I held my hand high and gave him a hard slapped high five. I looked him dead in the eyes and said “Son, you may have gotten your ass kicked today… but I think we know who won that fight. You son, are my hero today.”

This story is for all those kids who get picked on, put down, teased, made fun of because they are different, slower, shorter, fatter, skinny, not as smart. You don’t have to be the strongest, fastest, tallest, smartest… (don’t get me wrong, in this world it helps) But once in awhile, you get the last word in. So when that moment comes…. …its o.k. to say “I fucked your mamma, oh and she says to say hi.”