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How to get anitperspirant stains out of white shirts

First try to minimize creating the stains. Wait until your antiperspirant is dry completely before you put on your shirt.

To get the stains out of your white shirts:
– For old stains: soak the shirt in white vinegar or use a prewash stain remover.
– For new stains: soak the shirt in ammonia.
Then wash the shirt in the hottest water possible for the fabric using an oxygenated bleach or a product containing enzymes.

How to create dummy text in MS Word

When creating a first draft document or template, it is sometimes useful to add dummy text to act as a placeholder or to test the document. To insert dummy text into your Word document, type =rand () and then press Enter. Word will then create the dummy text. By default, the text contains three paragraphs, each containing five sentences. To insert a defined amount of text, type =rand (p,s) where p is the number of paragraphs you require and s is the number of sentences per paragraph.

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