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No Warrent needed to see online activities.

Canadian judge: No warrant needed to see ISP logs

A Superior Court in Ontario, Canada has ruled that IP addresses are akin to your home address, and therefore people have no expectation of privacy when it comes to their online activities being accessed by law enforcement. This means that, in Canada, police can potentially request information from your ISP about online activities, and can do so without a warrant.”

ARRRGH!  The courts have it all wrong, yes the IP address can be associated to a street address, however the items accessed through that IP address is like mail delivered to the home.  If the police want to look into the mail that is delivered to my home they need to get a warrent.  Same goes with what I surf.

Death of the newspaper

My good friend Joe wrote a lovely little piece on the joys of being at the cottage and ultimately on the death of the newspaper.   I think he’s a bit off on his prediction, simply because of the timing.  He thinks that the newspaper will be gone in 10 years.   I think that he is a technophile (and one of the best) but does not realize that the majority of the population are technophobes.  How does one open a laptop to read a newspaper on the bus or subway (no wi-fi down there)?   Reading on an iPod?  Please.   Squinting and moving your finger around a tiny screen is nothing compared to the feel and ease of a paper.   I love reading online, but I also thoroughly enjoy the paper as well.   You can “stumble on” to an article you wouldn’t normally read in a paper.

So Joe, although you may eventually be right, I think that Mark Twain had it accurate when he said “Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated.”

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