Pink toga? Really?
No, I don’t think he will develop “mother” issues, do you?

Bet he doesn't turn her down at all. For anything.
Try to call me a wussy, now!—-

Denim and Demin and doucy hair cut equals awesome!
I sure hope that’s her boyfriend – not her brother or cousin!

Reminds me of the time when...uh NEVER!

Wearing the same earrings is where he drew the line.
Everyone has their standards

A warm and loving family all around
Suzy would have never known there was tension if it hadn’t been for the burning sensations coming from both sides of her head.

Bad dogs, bad dogs, whatcha goinga do, whatcha goinga do when...
Mom and Dad’s love was infectious…everywhere. (look in background)

Are the wings a bit much?

This is NOT a good brother and sister pose.

This is why I don't go anywhere without a spare chicken.

Some girls would have been devastated that there prom was being held at KFC – – – these girls embraced it.

There's no time to shut the kitchen cupboard. I have to fix the flux capacitor!
Be honest, do you think this bowtie is too loud with this shirt?

Fun Fact: the cat is actually the founder and head partner.
We are lawyers you can trust. Look – – we even like kitties.

One big happy family
Sometimes when you’re happy and you know it, you don’t need to clap your hands.

Nightmares for years to come
Well, she wouldn’t have cried if you hadn’t sat her on the lap of a skeezy cracked out bunny!

I didn't even notice the bear. Cool phaser!
This young man dressed up as the elde
rly version of Smoky the Bear.

Welcome to 'eye on chesthair'. Tonight's contestant has very little to talk about
It should be noted that cooking is dangerous and should be done with bellies and chest hairs covered. Thanks

Is he hugging his two wives?
There is no greater surprise than waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping a strange smiling family.

Sign her up for the WWE!
I love my sister. I …….her…so….friggin….much.

That's sad: making the little boy and the baby dress the same.
Nice leaning post there Adam!

Back off! I have double cat action here!
You guys might have a gun but I have TWO cats! Now’s that Suckas??

Finally, photographic proof. Years from now this kid will be showing this to his therapist.
Sara finally had something to smile about.

His night job was working for an 80's hair band.
Its so great that everyone could make it to graduation, even Cousin Derek, came in from Steroid rehab.

I didn't want to be in the stupid photo anyway.
They never understood why Kevin always felt left out.

This photographer just needed to be fired. Look at the glare on the glasses even. Great attention to detail.
Every girl should have a dream…even on her period.

Yumm, that's a good stump.
No, No, I don’t think the stump is too much at all….

Okay, you have your medal, your trophy and you want to be holding what now?
What’s a champion without his Whinny the Pooh umbrella?

Love how his manboobs sheltered some of his skin from being burnt
At least he was wearing a seatbelt…

How long do you have to sleep in one position to burn like that?
Jazz Hands!

Introducing the new Lee Press on Tampons!
Who needs pacifiers when you have these?