• House full of kids + wanting to watch the superbowl = who won? What happened? Best sb of the century? Nuts. #
  • Just saw a 10 year old with a ventriloquist dummy. Can honestly say I've never seen someone so young with one of those. #
  • Beaker from the muppets in an internet ballad. http://www.goofingaround.ca/beaker V.Funny. #
  • New favorite saying/acronym: NDT – it's a Known Dumb Thing. #
  • Another cool acronym: UTS – user too stupid. #
  • I'm an uncle (again)! My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl today. 8lbs 10oz. Philipa Rose Elliott Sawyer. Mother & child fine. Whew #
  • RT @BadAstronomer: Alt-med justice marches on: Kevin Trudeau is contemptible. http://is.gd/8fpsf #

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